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P&G uses UPOP to map customer relationships and deliver greater value to their beauty CRM program, Rouge

The Challenge

P&G’s beauty CRM program, Rouge, lacked a clear road map on how to harness its hundreds of thousands of beauty enthusiasts Content response rates were not only trending down year on year, but had declined by over 50%.
In developing a more effective engagement framework based on lifecycle marketing, the objectives were to:

  • Double the size of the database within one year and 5-fold within five years.
  • Increase content engagement levels to top 10 within P&G global markets
  • Increase spend on P&G products by 17%

Key Insights

Three key barriers and insights were unearthed from quantitative and qualitative customer analysis:

  1. Current program lacked empathy, trust and relevance.
  2. Content was plain and product centric.
  3. Consumers face hair, skin and make-up product and regime uncertainty (inner and outer confidence rollercoaster).


After the new brand positioning was developed (part of the Digital BluePrint) a core segmentation & ROI models were established on the level of value (sales and beauty regime), as well as the level of confidence a person has within the hair, skin and make-up categories (low through to high).

Development of a lifecycle model to take prospects through to visitor, customer, fan and advocacy status with a program of on-boarding and a series of relevant communications, triggers, and connection to the social hub of like-minded beauty enthusiasts


Build a customer-centric, content calendar of activity based on the key beauty releases and trends throughout the year. Onboard customers into the new Rouge brand world and all it has to offer.

Create an exclusive Masterclass experience for beauty enthusiasts to attend and learn from industry specialists and brand ambassadors.

Establish a trial team panel of consumers that rate and review products on a monthly basis.

Tailor and deliver relevant content based on the new segmentation model – using brand and product ambassadors, the new trial team, exclusive, Masterclass experiences, and the latest conversations from the Rouge social beauty hub.

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The Results

Immediate results shown within the first rebranded email : increased click through rate of 282% for the hero article, 590% for the product trial content and 30% decrease in unsubscribe rate from the previous communications Tracking mechanisms to monitor UPOP chart movements to show engagement level shifts will be conducted after 12 months activity

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