Paris Opera Ballet

Paris Opera Ballet

Social Media Acquisition & Engagement

Paris Opera Ballet deliver a social media strategy to help drive 26,000 ticket sales for their Australian Tour

The Challenge

Leverage the exclusive Australian performances of Giselle by the world’s oldest and most prestigious ballet school – The Paris Opera Ballet. The challenge was how to create a groundswell of conversation and interest in the months leading up to the Tour within the busy performing arts calendar and Christmas period.

Key Insights

The Paris Opera Ballet had immense interest, respect and following within the ballet community. However we felt that it was a little “untouchable” and “out of reach” for general ballet and arts enthusiasts. There was a whole world of Paris Opera Ballet to be discovered.


The strategy was to get behind the scenes and unearth the views and lives of the étoile dancers, producers and choreographers. We focussed on Facebook to capitalise on a more familiar content and conversation platform, targeting dancers, dance teachers, dance schools, performing arts patrons and event goers.


The social media campaign was split into 4 key phases:

  1. Establishment of Facebook page presence and page likes with a unique welcome and “Triumphant Return” promotional video
  2. Generate wider interest through unique behind the scenes interviews and stories from:
    • David McAllister, Artistic Director, The Australian Ballet.
    • Leo Schofield, Co-presenter of the Paris Opera Ballet
    • Dancers Aurélie Dupont and Nicolas Le Riche as Giselle and Albrecht from Act I.
    • Dancers Laëtitia Pujol and Nicolas Le Riche as Giselle and Albrecht from Act II
    • The Sydney Lyric Orchestra with Maestro Kessels and his 67 piece orchestra
  3. Drive engagement and excitement with exclusive game of skill promotions to win dress rehearsal and opening night tickets
  4. Ticket sales activation by harnessing the power of opening reviews and incredibly passionate patron feedback

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The Results

  • The Paris Opera Ballet Facebook page proved to be an extremely effective tool in building awareness and interest around the event, as well as informing the public of key tour dates and booking information.
  • The relatively small Facebook advertising budget of $1,500 was highly targeted and effective, achieving a 77% click to like conversion rate and viral reach of over 82,000.
  • And 43% of respondents to a post campaign Facebook poll stated that the Facebook page had a direct influence on their decision to purchase tickets.
  • Overall, Permission’s social strategy proved its value and had a strong impact on audience engagement, ticket sales, and generating over $2M in revenue.