Database Development, System Integration, Email Marketing

Permission’s email database & integration development services help NRMA develop a single customer view, enhance their email marketing and improve internal data and email management processes

The Challenge

NRMA Motoring and Services customer data was spread across multiple databases, resulting in system and process inefficiencies when it came to sending targeted email campaigns to members and subscribers. NRMA sought a new email and data solution that would provide improved flexibility, functionality and integration.

Key Insights

An in-depth data and email audit identified issues and inefficiencies across NRMA’s databases and email platform in the following key areas:

  • Unsubscribe management issues that could lead to SPAM Act non-compliance exposure
  • Complex record management with multiple databases
  • Preference management for specific email communications
  • Inability of customer service representatives to directly amend customer email preference records
  • Data storage issues
  • Poor email platform usability for the marketing team
  • Lack of detailed reporting
  • Complex management of email content
  • Questionably data integrity and accuracy


A dedicated project manager and development team conducted a thorough scoping exercise of the project and databases to ensure that all requirements were captured.

Numerous individual databases were consolidated into one database with a real-time feed into the NRMA preference centre.

NRMA’s email program was migrated to SmartFocus Email, a more robust, flexible and feature rich solution that allows the NRMA Production team to manage email deployments seamlessly and generate in-depth performance reports.


The NRMA team now uses the SmartFocus platform in a self-service capacity, with the Permission team assisting with ongoing best practice advice, support, integration and ad-hoc projects. SmartFocus was implemented because it is simple to use yet feature rich in terms of segmentation, automation and reporting.

Following the data consolidation and migration to SmartFocus, a competition was launched to encourage members to update their details in the preference centre to ensure that the data was valid, up to date, and that NRMA communications are being deployed to a higher quality database.

Periodic reporting is conducted to review results against key performance metrics, highlight areas for development and provide a benchmark from which to measure continuous improvement.

The Results

Since using SmartFocus with a unified and clean database, NRMA have seen a measured increase in deliverability, open, click-through and overall engagement rates.

NRMA now has one database that provides a ‘source of truth’ for subscription. Customer preferences have been updated so that NRMA can more effectively segment and target their customers with more relevant communications.

NRMA’s migration to SmartFocus has also increased the production team’s efficiency in respect of day-to-day campaign management and reporting.

In this ongoing partnership, Permission delivers continuous improvement recommendations around NRMA’s email communications. With a more effective and efficient email solution in place, efforts are now focused on optimising email marketing results through continuous testing and evolutionary strategies to support the customer journey.