Digital BluePrint, eDM Design, Database Integration

NBN Co engaged Permission to evolve their email marketing and build their database into a powerful and effective foundation to enhance segmentation, engagement and advocacy.

The Challenge

Sentiment towards the NBN was neutral to negative amongst consumers (households and businesses) and key community influencers. An opportunity existed to reverse this sentiment by positively engaging and influencing the audience via an effective and measurable email program backed by a strategic digital communication framework.

Key Insights

The target audience really had very little understanding as to the benefits and value that the NBN would deliver. Most of the communication in the press was largely negative.

An opportunity therefore existed to lay a base foundation to ensure Australians understand they will have access to the most appropriate high-speed broadband technology via the NBN.


Permission facilitated a four-phase BluePrint process in order to develop the framework for more effective email marketing. They undertook a top-level review and insight assessment to:

  • Define target markets including attributes and trait: Access seekers, stakeholders, builders and developers, consumers
  • Create a robust digital marketing strategy: website, social media & email
  • Deliver Lifecycle Marketing – increasing the level of permission and moving customers up the lifecycle, growing engagement and revenue (Visitor → Customer → Fan → advocate)
  • Create strategic segmentation to drive smarter and more effective email marketing (a data-driven marketing model)
  • Build a qualified database perfectly integrated to NBN Co CRM solution
  • Create standard measurers, metrics and benchmarks


Undertake the BluePrint process to assess and review:

  • Top level data audit and profile of the NBN Co email database
  • Registration data to capture insights as well as identifying gaps in data capture
  • Strategic framework including:
    • Acquisition and Registration Strategy (including data capture)
    • On-boarding Program
    • Lifecycle Marketing
    • Channel Mix Recommendations
    • Reactivation strategy

  • Clearly define the tone of voice for communication
  • Focus on content hierarchy within template layout & design
  • Defined email success criteria and measures including open rate, click through rate, downloads/events, feedback, use of materials, satisfaction, advocacy

The Results

Digital BluePrint to guide all digital communications with defined measures set up for reporting and benchmarking.

Very engaging email communication measured by high Open Rates and Click Through Rates against each segment targeted.