Música Viva

Música Viva

Design & Content, Social Engagement, Email & CRM Marketing

Musica Viva used Permission’s Digital BluePrint process to develop a strategic direction and executional framework for digital marketing activities.

The Challenge

Musica Viva’s relationship marketing activities lacked strategic direction and had no clearly defined future execution plan.

There was a great need to make Musica Viva appeal to a new, younger and wider audience. However, the existing style of communications limited audience reach and engagement.

An understanding was required on ‘who’ and ‘how’ to target, not only to ultimately increase ticket sales but also to create opportunities to engage with audiences through stronger, smarter messaging.

Key Insights

On completion of an initial review and assessment of recent marketing activity, the following insights were apparent:

  1. Unclear definition of marketing communication objectives and no framework to strengthen engagement.
  2. Target markets were largely undefined or disconnected to where the brand needed to get to (including attributes and traits).
  3. No clear strategy to harness digital touchpoints (web, eDM, mobile, social, offline) and their role across audience segments.
  4. The design and tone of voice for communications was largely rational (rather than emotional), quite dated and in need of a refresh.


A marketing BluePrint process was used to define a communication strategy (CRM lifecycle) and social strategy, both of which aimed to create a high-level framework to support a clear direction for future relationship marketing activities in the digital space.

The target audience criteria was evolved from demographic information (age, geography, income) to awareness level in respect of live, classical, chamber music experiences. From this, two new audience segments were established: ‘Now’ and ‘Next’.

The design and tone of voice for digital communications and campaigns were brought into line with broader entertainment market offerings, which focused on bringing to life the emotional feeling rather than just the rational act of watching a performance.

Outputs of the BluePrint not only dictated the future direction for campaigns, but also acted as a launch pad for broader creative ideas and tactical activity for the brand.


Permission’s solution was to build a lifecycle program to build stronger relationships and engagement with the identified ‘Now’ and ‘Next’ audience segments through data profiling.

The new program aims to spark opportunities that harness the emotional power of Musica Viva’s entertainment experiences, open audience’s minds and bring to life the ‘magical moments’ before, during and after events.

It also broadens the brand’s appeal to new, younger and wider audiences by taking consumers on an entertaining journey of discovery to create deeper engagement through digital touchpoints.

Changes put in place include redesign recommendations for website pages, email template and cross channel messaging consistency in consideration of audience segmentation.

The Results

A cohesive and strategic delivery plan was defined across digital channels for the next 12 to 18 months, built on a strong new brand territory that will gain market share within the entertainment t sector.

A journey-based communication framework focused on chamber music awareness levels overcame the barrier of knowledge, to create a new world of music and connects with their ‘Now’ and ‘Next’ audiences.

Brand activities and broader creative ideas were also identified, including a website audit, new website design proposal, revised email newsletter design, social media calendar and a review of online booking ticketing system, aligned with BluePrint outputs.

While at the time of writing the strategy is only just coming to life, initial results include a halving of site wide bounce rate following redesign recommendations.