Viral Marketing, Social Engagement, eDM Design

Kleenex® brand uses viral marketing to strengthen product awareness

The Challenge

Kleenex®, one of Australia’s leading consumer brands, was eager to drive awareness and trial of their newly launched “Kleenex® Flushable Fresh Wipes” product.

As reach was vital to achieve the objective, a viral campaign was incorporated into the communication strategy. Permission was engaged to plan and facilitate this campaign.

The company objectives were to:

  • Make as many consumers as possible aware of the new Kleenex® Flushable Wipes product.
  • Build Kleenex® brand database membership.
  • Work within the constraints of a limited budget.

Key Insights

  1. Kleenex® Flushable Wipes has low brand awareness having only been recently launched.
  2. Humour is a necessary key ingredient in helping to drive referral behaviour.
  3. “Toilet humour”, while engaging, must be approached with sensitivity when communicating with a varied audience.


Design a promotion that increases consumer interaction with the brand and encourages opting in for further communications.

Use humour to engage the audience.

Create a compelling incentive for consumers to actively refer the promotion on to friends and family rather than just rely on a viral effect.

Leverage existing media to reduce costs.


An integrated email and website campaign was developed to increase consumer awareness of the new product.

An invitation email was sent out to the existing Kleenex® brand database as a launching pad.

A humorous 5 minute video, based around usage of the product, was the core of the campaign to drive the forward on effect.

A strong call to action was integrated into referral emails to encourage database sign up for the Kleenex® brand.

The Results

  • The Referral component of the campaign increased reach by over 30%.
  • The average consumer referred at least 3 friends to the campaign.
  • Over 3,000 new consumers were signed up to the Kleenex® brand database through the promotion.