Ingham- BluePrint

Ingham- BluePrint

Digital Database Aquisition Strategy

Inghams uses a digital marketing acquisition strategy to start growing its customer database and begin digital engagement

The Challenge

Inghams were looking to grow their modest database in order to begin using digital marketing to engage customers and drive stronger brand and product engagement.

Historically Inghams had only used traditional marketing channels but felt that digital would be a more cost effective and efficient way to promote database growth.

The company objectives were to:

  • Grow the Ingham’s database by 20,000 primary grocery-buying members.
  • Build a profile for each person added to the database

Key Insights

  1. Affiliate networks are one of the most cost effective and low risk media channels available for building a database.
  2. People tend to tell their friends and family about fun and engaging promotions that offer interesting prizes.
  3. Social media was seen as a relevant channel to engage prospects.
  4. People get more excited about promotions that have multiple prizes than one big prize.


Develop a fun and interesting creative promotion that would attract people to register for the Ingham’s database in response to an incentive.

Incorporate a referral mechanism that includes an incentive for people to tell their friends about the promotion.

Use social media as an avenue to spread the world about the promotion.


The Mr. Ingham’s executive perks interactive online promotion was developed whereby people could win from a range of fun and engaging prizes by simply registering for the promotion.

A cost per acquisition (CPA) strategy was used whereby a total number of registrations that met customer profile criteria were guaranteed by the selected media partner.

A Facebook page was setup and seeded that was effectively used to reach out to friends and supplement CPA media investment.

A referral mechanism was included in the registration engine that incentivised registrants to tell their friends with additional chances of winning for every extra referee who registered.

The Results

  • The Ingham’s database was grown by 405%.
  • Final acquisition exceeded the campaign acquisition target by 65%
  • Most customers included profile information when registering which provided the ability to customise content on subsequent campaigns.