Multi-Channel Digital Communications

IBM enriches customer profile data through an integrated online promotion combining triggered emails, online surveys and telemarketing

The Challenge

Operating in a highly competitive market and branded with the reputation of being hard to work with, IBM recognised that they needed to engage with customers and prospects in a more targeted and personalised

In order to effectively do so, IBM needed to enrich the quality of its customer profile data. Previous customer data gathering activities had used more traditional and costly methods and the existing database had a low percentage of email opt-in.

The company objectives were to:

  • Cost effectively improve customer and prospect profile data quality
  • Strengthen customer engagement and propensity to provide personal data
  • Increase the email opt-in rate and enrich business lead information

Key Insights

  1. Using an appropriate incentive increases engagement with IT professionals.
  2. The time between initial engagement and receipt of relevant information is a critical success factor in driving engagement and response.


Design a multi-touch contact strategy to cost effectively maximise reach among the target audience.

Communicate a sense of urgency to complete the survey to maximise response.

Construct an attractive incentive package to induce higher response rates from customers.


Customers were invited to participate in the promotion to verify and update their personal details through completion of a pre-populated survey.

Using Permission’s Custom Profiler system, invitations were sent via email to those records where opt-in had been provided, otherwise an outbound telemarketing call was placed to collect opt-in after which an email was immediately sent.

To maintain promotion momentum and maximise survey responses, automated reminder emails were triggered using Permission’s Message Engine, to those who either did not start or did not complete the survey.

Each day a specified number of prizes (iTunes, and Movie vouchers) were awarded to the first 50 participants and fulfi lled online after the survey was completed. This added additional incentive and urgency to complete the survey.

The Results

  • Opt-in rate to receive email communications was significantly increased
  • The prize incentives and the reminder emails were highly effective in driving a higher response rate
  • Running the program online proved to be a significantly more cost effective and efficient approach to improving customer profile data