Digital Relationship Marketing

Huggies cultivates brand engagement through targeted lifecycle communications

The Challenge

In a highly competitive and above all emotive category, Huggies needed to find a way of connecting with consumers in a customised, relevant, and timely manner in order to foster brand loyalty.

Digital relationship marketing was chosen for its rich data mining capabilities, ease of implementation and cost-effectiveness.

The company objectives were to:

  • Build brand engagement and loyalty in a highly competitive, emotional category
  • Maximize the duration of the relationship with Huggies.
  • Understand and meet the information needs of consumers by leveraging technology to create more personalised relationships
  • Increase consumer satisfaction and influence purchase behaviour.
  • Provide value to consumers visiting and registering on the Huggies websites.

Key Insights

  1. The target market of pregnant women and mothers are content hungry but time-poor.
  2. Relevant and targeted information creates a valuable sense of trust and increased brand advocacy.


Create two online membership clubs, targeted specifically at mums to be (Mum To Be Club) and current parents (Baby Club)

Create a series of over 20 communications with content specific to each significant life-cycle stage.

Leverage technology to create a series of rules to account for duplicate records, twins, recently mailed addresses etc.

Custom-build an automated messaging system to send messages to database members at appropriate points in their life cycles.

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The Results

  • Year on year metrics show that club members remained engaged throughout the lifecycle of communications.
  • Members show a propensity to recommend membership of the database, despite being unprompted.
  • High member engagement has lead to these communications being used as successful test environments for new product launches and information gathering.