Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Digital BluePrint, Lifecycle Marketing, Database Integration

Gloria Jean’s Coffees unearth great opportunities to deliver a stronger consumer-centric value proposition, enhance engagement and strengthen brand loyalty, online and offline

The Challenge

Gloria Jean’s Coffees was being held back in its digital marketing due to inefficiencies in data management and database structure together with a lack of clarity around its core target market segments.

No strategic framework had been defined around how to use digital marketing to achieve their defined business objectives.

Key Insights

  1. Database management was inefficient with data spread across multiple databases resulting in challenges sending out even simple communications to customers.
  2. There was a lack of clarity and no holistic view in respect of the core target market
  3. The role and objectives of digital (online and in-store) and social media was not clearly defined.
  4. Communications were focused on pushing product and lacked any true consumer centric consideration, negatively impacting engagement and response.
  5. The customer database and email platform were not integrated.


Permission conducted in-depth key stakeholder interviews to get to the core of the business, and understand internal perspectives on the company’s target market.

Using both qualitative and quantitative research, Permission confirmed the key target market, identified lifecycle trigger opportunities, considered which digital channels were most effective and established a segmentation model for ongoing measurement.


A lifecycle program of direct to consumer digital communications was defined and implemented, encapsulating the new Gloria Jean’s Coffees brand territory including design and tone of voice.

The lifecycle program was facilitated through a series of key activities including:

  • Merging of the existing three databases into one clean database and then migrating to a new robust email platform (SmartFocus). SmartFocus was integrated with the various data capture points across the business.
  • Creating a series of automated and triggered emails that stimulate consumer engagement and sales including:
    • Program welcome series
    • Program welcome series
    • Triggered birthday message
    • Ad-hoc promotions
  • Designing communications to be aligned with the newly defined key target market and focusing on the emotional facets of the brand.
  • Communicating relevant and engaging content with up-sell and cross-sell considerations.
  • Positioning the consumer at the core of all created content so as to harness the power of advocacy and build loyalty over time through delivering personalised communications

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The Results

  • A significant improvement was delivered as a result of the new positioning and digital activity defined in the Digital BluePrint.
  • The new lifecycle program effectively welcomes the consumer to the world of Gloria Jean’s Coffees and takes them on a journey that is structured to increase their level of engagement with the brand via digital channels and increase in-store and online sales.
  • Immediate engagement results were evident for the monthly email newsletter, with open rates increasing by 40% and click-through rate more than doubling.
  • Moving to a single database integrated with SmartFocus delivered significant efficiencies that saw campaign setup time cut down by more than a third and automated messaging put in place.