Automated Communications

FOXTEL uses automated emails to strengthen conversion to purchase

The Challenge

After ordering a FOXTEL installation, subscribers are mailed a Welcome Pack that includes details such as installation time and date and the package purchased, plus general information on FOXTEL.

FOXTEL wanted a more cost effective method of communicating with subscribers and a way to customise the content based on the subscribers chosen package. This would lead to a stronger understanding of what they are purchasing, leading to a higher perceived value and lower customer cancellation rates.

The company objectives were to:

  • Increase prospect conversion to purchase
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Reduce cost of sale

Key Insights

  1. Household influencers don’t fully understand the FOXTEL value proposition
  2. Communicating quickly is essential to maintaining a prospect’s interest
  3. LInformation packs arrive too late – sometimes after installation has been cancelled


Respond to interest quickly by communicating via email immediately after interest is registered.

Clearly communicate the value proposition using customised content.

Maintain contact through the subscription process by engaging the prospect in a two way communication.


An automated and customised email is sent to prospects within 24 hours of registration that is:

  • Personalised with first name, installation time and date
  • Customised based on the chosen package including package details, confirmation, value proposition and program highlights

Recipient can request a reminder email or SMS from FOXTEL sent the day before installation.

The system is fully automated, driven by an integrated daily feed of data from FOXTEL.

The Results

  • Reduced costs by 65%
  • Cancellation rate was reduced by 35%
  • Conversion to purchase increased