Automated Life Cycle Communications

DryNites increase product awareness and drive website traffic with automated email lifecycle communications

The Challenge

Bedwetting is a delicate topic for many families and can have a great impact on both parents and children.

Kimberly Clark Australia re-launched their DryNites Pyjama Pants website, positioning it as the most valuable resource for parents and kids during the bedwetting stage.

DryNites’ aim was to reignite regular communication and build stronger relationships with their customers as little communication was fostered with their database in the past year.

The company objectives were to:

  • Drive existing DryNites database members to the new and improved website.
  • Engage website visitors and get them to utilise the site features, tools and content to increase average time on site.
  • Drive website engagement by communicating regularly with database members and pointing them to the website.

Key Insights

  1. Bedwetting is a stage that usually lasts less than 12 months meaning there is only a small window of time in which communication and engagement with the DryNites brand will be relevant to the customer.
  2. Parents prefer to search online for information about bedwetting rather than discussing the issue within their personal social circles.


Segment the current members’ database and target each member based on when they became members and what drove their membership.

Send each segmentation group different offers in the eDM to entice them to click through to the webpage and use specifi c tools on the website.


A set of three communications were created to make initial contact with the segments that were identifi ed through database segmentation. The content and offers were customised for each segment delivering engagement through relevance.

Automated lifecycle newsletters were crafted to progressively support parents through the bedwetting stages. Each newsletter drove customers back to the website for further information and the opportunity to “Ask the Expert”.

An iPoll was included every few months in the newsletters to increase customer engagement with the DryNites brand and communications.

The Results

  • The website received a significant increase in website traffi c as a result of the new campaign.
  • Customer awareness and understanding of DryNites products increased considerably leading to an increase of product trials and purchases.
  • Website engagement increased with a sizeable number of customers using the ‘Ask the Expert’ tool on the website.