Email & CRM Marketing

Dominos Pizza strengthens competitive advantage through a tailored Local Store Marketing email solution.

The Challenge

Over the past 5 years Domino’s Pizza has built a significant customer email database. During that time the business has recognised that email is a highly
cost effective medium to deliver brand messages, promotional offers and drive purchase.

Although, Domino’s Pizza wanted to empower franchise owners to manage their own marketing, head office
also needed to ensure that brand guidelines and data management policies were adhered to and that all
campaigns met email best practice.

Domino’s Pizza therefore required a tailored email solution that allowed store owners to send offers that were appropriate and competitive in their local area

The objectives of Permission’s work were to:

  • Provide Domino’s franchisees with the ability to send emails to their customers withself selected promotional offers that were competitive in their local area.
  • Ensure that brand guidelines are maintained for all email communications.
  • Make the process of selecting offers simple, fast
    and straightforward.

Key Insights

  1. In the highly competitive and price sensitive pizza marketplace, promotional offers and coupons drive pizza purchase.
  2. Effectiveness of promotional offers varies significantly by geography.
  3. Store owners needed to be able to compete with stores in their local area rather than take up nationwide offers that may not be relevant to their local customers.


Permission’s digital strategy was to develop a solution that would allow head office to create a list of offers from which local stores could select offers they knew would be locally competitive. The solution would have to make the process of choosing offers simple, intuitive and fast, and allow offers to be easily created and uploaded into the system so that they can be changed regularly with minimal effort. It was also important to ensure that email creative components can be easily and rapidly updated for each send.


Permission developed a Local Store Marketing tailored email solution that was designed specifically to match Domino’s business processes.

Promotional offer codes are loaded into the system and prior to each email campaign being sent store owners log-in and select the offers they wish to promote in their local area. The creative elements for the email send are loaded into the system independent from the offers by Permission. The final creative is then sent to Domino’s head office for amends and approval.Once approved the system automatically sends the email. Each recipient’s email offers are customised based on the store with which they have registered.

The Results

Domino’s store owners were delighted to have a tool that allowed them to select their own offers.

The level of content customisation was significantly raised allowing stores to become much more locally competitive and include offers that they know will be effective.

Online sales since the launch of the LSM system have grown exponentially, and Domino’s stores who have used the LSM system have been able to become much more competitive in their local market areas.