Budget Direct

Budget Direct

Lifecycle Marketing, Triggered & Automated Messaging

Budget Direct uses a CRM-integrated triggered email solution to send real-time customised quotes that deliver increased engagement and sales conversion

The Challenge

In an increasingly competitive market, Budget Direct recognised a need for a triggered email solution to send a series of personalised communications at various stages of the customer lifecycle.

The process for applying for an insurance product is highly detailed with multiple variables that need to be included in a quote. Consequently, any quote sent by email needed to be highly personalised, containing complex dynamic content based on a series of rules.

Budget Direct therefore required a tailored solution, directly integrated with its CRM system, that would provide real-time, data-driven personalised email quotes to prospective customers.

Key Insights

Decision making for insurance products occurs within a very short period of time and is based on multiple policy facts and details. The ability to rapidly communicate all the necessary information is critical to achieving a conversion to purchase.


A series of triggered emails were defined based on the insurance consideration lifecycle. Each email is populated with specific information relevant to each prospect at each point of the lifecycle and is built dynamically in real-time through a CRM database integration with the email system.


Various customer segments were defined and email communications were produced to engage these segments. This included targeting ‘visitors’ with a personalised, real-time follow up when they complete the quotation process, reminders once the optimal consideration time has passed and remarketing to non-purchasers in order to improve conversion.

A referral program was also setup to acquire new customers by targeting the existing database, offering an incentive to both parties for purchasing.

XML feeds were used to rapidly inject the required content into each email in real-time and dynamic content rules allowed each email to be highly customised for each prospect.

Due to the complexity of the messages, a robust testing process was crucial to ensure that the content appeared correctly under a vast range of variable conditions and rules.

The Results

  • By directly integrating with Budget Direct’s CRM system and using a carefully crafted dynamic content rule-set, significant gains in efficiency and turnaround time were achieved
  • The time between quote request and email delivery was significantly reduced
  • Open and click-through rates achieved were well above industry average
  • Referral program ROI goals were achieved and sales conversion rates improved