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Adventure World

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Adventure World Travel evolves its marketing strategy to compete in the world of the digitally empowered consumer

The Challenge

Despite being a longstanding wholesale and retail travel business with a leading product, Adventure World lacked a deep, holistic understanding of their customer groups, resulting in a fragmented and unclear marketing strategy. An inability to send targeted communications saw low relevance for much of the audience base resulting in sub-optimal customer satisfaction and declining engagement and purchase rates.

A reliance on traditional marketing combined with poor creative execution meant that Adventure World was competitively challenged and didn’t stand out as an industry leader within the travel market. The focus on digital customer engagement was low and marketing directly to consumers online was very limited.

Key Insights

In defining the vision for Adventure World’s digital presence, Permission established four key reasons why consumers could be driven to the brand: its unique and exotic destinations, authentic experiences, specialist knowledge, and strong history.

Three clear customer segments existed: Mature 40+ discerning travellers, the adventure-driven 30+ group, and the 20-29 youth market looking for discovery.

There was a need to appeal to consumers not only as a direct market, but also through the traditional travel agent operating as an intermediary.

Adventure World needed to ensure there was a consistent brand positioning and message through both paths to the consumer.


Wiping the slate clean of all pre-existing and conflicting brand conceptions for Adventure World, Permission worked with Adventure World’s key stakeholders to rediscover its brand identity, and build insights into its true customers.

Establishing the core traits of the Adventure World brand and customer allowed the digital transformation process to systematically work through key areas of the digital strategy. This included a review of digital marketing best practice for the industry together with, customer experience, engagement, and levels of excitement.


This collaborative approach to define the Adventure World brand archetype and customer segments allowed stakeholders to reach a strong and unanimous evaluation of where Adventure World had been, and more importantly the journey the brand needed to take to embrace to effectively harness and engage the digital space.

By implementing a number of ‘quick wins’, Permission developed a new strategy and creative vision for the brand’s website and email communications. New designs were implemented to ensure a strong brand archetype alignment that resonates with Adventure World’s target markets.

New internal and customer-facing practices were put in place and a refreshed tagline “A lifetime of extraordinary travel” was coined, bringing Adventure World’s digital transformation full circle.

The Results

Permission’s work delivered Adventure World a cohesive and strategic brand direction to help communicate more efficiently and effectively with their newly defined target markets segments.

Adventure World has seen increased website and email engagement levels since implementation.

Internally, the work has given Adventure World Travel a more definitive purpose and direction for their consumer-facing operations, which has permeated throughout the business, and extended to their third party travel agents.