Boost Your Social Engagement with Instagram Business Profiles

Boost Your Social Engagement with Instagram Business Profiles

Instagram has just become a marketer’s best ally. With the rise in sponsored content on Instagram in 2016, we knew that a solution for businesses was in the works and as the owners of Instagram, Facebook certainly had a plan and they did not disappoint. The long awaited Instagram business profiles are now here and ready for you to unlock.

What are the benefits?

A contact button for prospects to reach you straight from your Instagram profile and an analytics and insights built into the app. This is what we like to see.

You can now connect Instagram to your Facebook business page and update your Instagram with your phone number, email and location. This is seamlessly integrated with smartphones so users can directly call or email you by clicking the button within Instagram. Your Instagram audience can also click your location and be directed to maps so they can easily find you.


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Since you now have access to this handy contact button on your profile and your location is displayed as a link, you can put your bio character limit to better use. This is great news as you can use this space to engage prospects with your brand. Present your audience with a piece of the puzzle to your brand story that will drive them to look through your profile and contact you.

Promoting your content has also never been easier. Under each post is a nifty ‘promote’ button that once clicked will seamlessly guide you through a few steps where you can select your target audience, campaign duration and budget and set your promoted post live.

What’s more is the insights that you now have access to. Instagram now provided a convenient way for you to check your Instagram stats, see how many people have viewed your posts and profile and even clicked through to your website. At a quick glance you can also see which of your posts are most successful and the demographics of your followers.




How to switch to an Instagram Business for your profile

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed, so check your app store for any Instagram app updates.

Once your Instagram has updated and is back in action, go to your Instagram profile settings in the top right corner and click ‘switch to Instagram business’. This option will take you through a series of prompts where you can connect your Facebook business page and enter your contact details.

Now that you’re up and running with a fresh profile, ready to engage and convert Instagram followers, you’ll need fresh content to match. Keeping your followers engaged by consistently posting relevant and valuable content is the key to social success.

If you’re time poor or don’t have the right resources to upkeep your social channels, outsourcing the right social media experts to do this for you can help you generate the results you desire.


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