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How to Implement Social Shopping For Your Business

social shopping how it works

In our last article we discussed the new feature that’s revolutionising the world of ecommerce. The new feature being social shopping, where shoppable ads on Facebook and buyable pins on Pinterest are providing customers with the most seamless shopping tool, imbedded into their social media experience.

Facebook and Pinterest are not the only social platforms rolling out this fancy feature; Instagram and Twitter are on board too. The new concept has provided the missing link between social sites and point of purchase, which has convinced companies to get on board so they can reap the benefits and capitalise on this new revenue stream.

Read our following tips to discover how you can easily take advantage of social shopping for your business.


Instagram is set to hit $2.81 billion in mobile ad revenue globally by 2017. Their new sponsored ad campaigns’ highlighting a ‘shop now’ button is only the beginning of their social ecommerce capabilities. Instagram is leveraging the best of Facebook’s infrastructure for managing and measuring the sponsored ads, so their targeting is accurate and effective. However, as of now the Instagram ads API is only open to select partners and agencies, but it is set to expand.

Prior to the API being expanded, many successful retail companies such as Forever21, Target and Nordstrom, are taking advantage of the third party solution developed by Curalate, a visual analytics and marketing platform.

Curalate have developed the service, Like2buy, a great solution around Instagram’s restriction against clickable links. Thus, the service doesn’t link from the Instagram app itself; it duplicates a business’s Instagram account into a Like2Buy-hosted feed.

Accessing this service is as simple as registering for Like2Buy and receiving the URL for your duplicated Instagram feed which you can display in your Instagram bio.

On your duplicated Instagram page products in each photo have clickable links to your online store where the product can be purchased.


Facebook allows you to activate a shop within your Facebook page using Shopify, the ecommerce software. Following these steps will automatically provide you with a ‘shop’ tab and store on your Facebook business page.

  1. Sign up to Shopify
  2. Upload an image of your item
  3. Fill in the description of your items
  4. Set your price

Facebook also provides businesses with the ability to add CTA buttons to their adverts which direct the user to a specified website page. Using the Facebook Adverts Create tool you can

  1. Select your objective
  2. Choose your image
  3. Choose your advert placement
  4. Add text and choose your CTA button
  5. Select your advert target

And finally, set up your budget and set your campaign live so you can watch the clicks roll in.


Signing up to Shopify really is your gateway to becoming a social selling master. Creating a Shopify account is also the step that you must take to sell on twitter. Once you’ve connected your Twitter as a sales channel on Shopify any product link you’ve tweeted from your online store will include a buy button. Transactions will seamlessly synchronise with Shopify.


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Get On Board with Social Shopping


Social commerce is here and the prevalent customer need has been satisfied as retail enthusiasts can now indulge in e-commerce while browsing their social media. The demand for this functionality has increased rapidly as 29% of people’s daily screen time is spent on smartphones, compared to only 5% five years ago (Salmat). Customers are now engaging with companies who are on board with providing this new retail feature and actively offering and promoting social shopping.

Social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have implemented this through highly relevant shoppable ads that drive a higher e-commerce conversion rate. Facebook and Twitter have are also created a solution using their ‘buy now’ buttons and the Facebook storefront.

Customers can now buy the ‘must have’ items they see while scrolling their feeds with the click of a button. Making a purchase has been integrated into social media so swiftly that it does not feel like online shopping at all. While this may be dangerous for the impulsive shopper, companies are taking advantage of the ever so seamless user experience to provide their customers with the most convenient service.

What Are the Benefits?

It goes without saying that implementing social shopping features encourages purchases.

But what’s more powerful is the accurate targeting you will be able to achieve. Algorithms are used to track customer purchases and online browsing history as well as their activity on social networking sites. This data is used to determine the ads that are displayed on a customer’s social media and outcome has never been more timely and relevant.

The social shopping feature also gives you the chance to sponsor ads to target customers who don’t follow you but are noteworthy, potential buyers. Sponsored tweets and Facebook posts are already beneficial to businesses, adding a ‘buy now’ feature to these posts only amplifies your ROI.

The accuracy and simplicity of this feature gives the right customers a good taste for your brand, increasing conversion rates and your overall sales.

It is now up to businesses to get on board and learn how to capitalise on this new revenue stream.


Learn how to implement social shopping in our next article.


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Why Your Story Is Your Brand Footprint

‘What’s the story we are telling?’-  A question that marketers constantly ask. Storytelling is a beloved past time that is not only used to document history, build societies and unite communities, storytelling is critical marketing strategy for brand success. Creating a narrative for your brand is a powerful content marketing strategy that allows you to attract and build emotional connections with your audience. It entertains and engages customers.

In fact, 92% of customers say they want ads that feel like a story.

But why is storytelling so popular?

Effective storytelling fosters consumer engagement at an emotional level, which happens to be the key to long-term business success. This powerful approach triggers feelings, thoughts and actions, compelling customers to make decisions in favour of your brand.

Through ‘The Pepsi Challenge’ we learnt that when brands are known, Coca-Cola customers are increased by 25%. This is because Coca-Cola has shared their story and brought their brand to life. Customers are provided with ultimate brand experience and emotional ties are built.


Download our Infographic ‘Why Your Story Is Your Brand Footprint’

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SOL Republic

sol blog

A state of the art website, bringing digital engagement to the living, breathing and cultural identity that is, SOL Republic.

Our recent client, SOL Republic, is a San Francisco based company that delivers an authentic quality of music through their audio products. SOL Republic’s strong brand philosophy fosters the power of music, where a good song can help you be happier, run faster, think clearer and love better. Their unique brand territory brings opportunity to push boundaries, impacting the market through digital individuality and independence.

The global brand was in need of an Australian website which would capture the interest of the Australian market while staying ‘on-brand’. Permission has created a seamless website with optimum usability, engaging content and of course, brand consistency.

It’s all about the brand

“We believe that for every great moment there is a song that goes with it. We believe that this is the soundtrack to your life.” – SOL Republic

It was crucial that SOL Republic’s strong philosophy and distinct branding was showcased through the website. Permission embraced the aesthetic of SOL Republic, integrating a raw edge into each aspect of the website design. It was our priority to help SOL Republic elevate their brand to take a step into the Australian market, while staying true to their San Francisco roots. The website’s unique custom design demonstrates confidence to emotionally engage users and provide a positive experience.

Content Optimisation

We all agree content is king. Insight driven, high quality content will engage customers, communicate a strong brand message and establish a trusting brand-consumer relationship.

It was important to identify the right content formula to appeal to SOL Republic’s target audience. They are a social bunch and the SOL Republic website was the perfect platform to promote their social media presence. We researched a number of social media plug-ins to find the solution that would best increase social media visibility on the homepage. Consistently providing a call to action and directing traffic along the customer journey, encouraging prospects to view SOL Republic’s quality content to increase their visibility and brand awareness. This approach encourages interaction with an audience that is digitally native.

SOL Republic needed their website to bring their subversive image to life. This image is how the brand stimulates purchase consideration in the Australian market. To deliver this brand vision, we introduced a visually appealing, interactive blog. The blog highlights SOL Republic’s media driven approach and excites and engages customers. A platform providing trending content fosters brand development at a deeper level. This allows customers to engage with the brand experience and builds emotional connections to foster purchase behaviour.

Content optimisation not only converts visitors, it increases website traffic with SEO. Given 88% of consumers research before they buy (i), SEO was a key factor for SOL Republic. To support the business’ management of the website and ensure SOL Republic’s relevant content is visible, we built the website with automated SEO capabilities.

With a website so strong in content, SOL Republic needed a system which allows easy edits, updates and future maintenance. We have implemented a user friendly CMS to provide SOL Republic with the opportunity to simply update their website in the future to obtain maximum ROI.

Providing a Seamless Experience

SOL Republic required a website that provides customers with a valuable experience that will keep them coming back. The website features a simplified user experience to convert visitors. To create a seamless purchase journey we have implemented a three-step payment process using a global best in class ecommerce platform. Purchases can conveniently be made without confusion, which will leave customers satisfied with a positive view of the brand.

With 80% of internet users browsing the web on their Smartphone(ii), it goes unsaid that having a mobile responsive website was critical for SOL Republic. The mobile responsive website allows for an optimal user experience, where customers can engage with the content on their phone or tablet as they would on a computer. By providing reliability we leverage the buyer journey and increase customer loyalty.

Let’s Build a Community

The fact that SOL Republic is more than just a brand needed to be expressed in their website. Customers need to be engaged with the brand image and all it has to offer. The website is not only designed for effective ecommerce. SOL Republic’s digital presence has been developed at a much deeper level where their social relevance and value of community spirit has been made apparent. This is where we introduce the sharing of stories online. #MMMDI ‘Music Made Me Do It’ is a hash tag created to encourage the sharing of moments that leave us powerless when the force of music takes over. This element of the SOL Republic website supports customers in becoming a part of something bigger than just a purchase.


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Engagement in the Digital World

engagement in the digital world

Digitisation has built a vault of data so stunningly rich that marketers have the capacity to engage consumers with even more meaning and relevance than ever before. The sophistication of market segmentation, made possible by data analysis, excitingly brings the likelihood of engagement closer with each added layer of customisation.

So, what questions do we need to be asking first? The challenge is to think about how we as marketers tap into the power of customisation when volume is still important to drive visibility. We don’t want to fall into a trap of generic ‘engaging’ communications that do not foster true personalisation in the slightest, but rather alienate individuals.

The key is to create balance between digital reach and a personalised experience.

The ultimate motivation of growth and sales is no longer only achieved from pushing our products and services on targeted markets. We must pay attention to the details to capture the imagination of each individual customer. The key is to offer not only beneficial products, but a quality experience which synchronises with our customer’s lifestyle.

This is where small data becomes a secret catalyst for your business success. Specific observation of individual consumers is the foundation for a lasting connection. By taking fast action on individual activity we are able to exceed customer expectations and gain the consumer loyalty, we so greatly desire.

The capabilities of digital platforms are ever expanding. What was once an email automation opportunity has progressed to marketing automation platforms which foster efficiency and provide access to the world of your data, which otherwise would be unobtainable. We must take advantage of the technologies available to optimise our digital toolkit and endless opportunity for success.


For more information on building a brand with strong consumer engagement, please see our article ‘The Trust Economy’ .

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Unique Customer Experience – Blending imagination with reality


Any business can adopt creative marketing ideas, however intense competition in many industries means that businesses must take their creative approach to the next level to maximise visibility and attract consumer attention. Achieving a creative approach that is powerful and effective is something our team achieves for clients as seen in our many successful case studies.

Our Creative Goal

We aim to provide brands with digital engagement using creativity  to create unique experiences. It’s important that the creative direction supports the business goals and objectives and becomes a tangible asset for the business, as well as a point of distinction for the consumers.

Our role is to convey creative features with strong brand representation which connect with the audience and influence the buyer journey.

Achieving Creative Success

Our Design Approach

At a high level, we believe great brand experiences blend imagination with reality.

The creative process: How do we find our ideas?

As a creative agency, we approach every digital project with an integrated creative process encompassing 3 key factors:

  • Marketing fundamentals and metrics to measure effectiveness
  • Knowledge of the digital landscape and the technologies to consider
  • The creative process itself including the breaking of traditional thought patterns


The power of successful creativity lies in its authenticity which is achieved through brand integration. Our creative elements make a unique statement that captures the core values associated with the brand. Brands with successful creativity use creative features that only fit their specific brand so it will not be confused with competitors.

Engagement is the key aspect of creative success. You need to captivate your audience and the way to do this is through artistic and exciting dynamics. It is important to go beyond conveying the basic facts by integrating brand personality. This provides your audience with a creative experience, which is an asset to the brand.


The creative methodology: How do we bring our ideas to life?

Our methodology is based on 7 critical steps that allow us to partner with our clients at each step in the process.

Permission will project manage each step to completion and will ensure the involvement of the client at each critical phase:

  • Development of the selected creative idea
  • Alignment with key stakeholder expectations and business objectives through two rounds of amends
  • Approval of the final concept


We have successfully applied our creative strategy to many of our works. One example of this is our creative design, content and social engagement for Musica Viva. We were challenged to make the chamber music company appeal to a new, younger and wider audience, with stronger, smarter messaging to increase sales.

Using our creative approach, we identified brand activities and broader creative ideas, including a website audit, new website design proposal, revised email newsletter design, social media calendar and a review of online booking ticketing system, aligned with the strategic direction.

Our design recommendations immediately halved the site bounce rate.

For more insight into our creative works please see our Musica Viva case study, Adventure World case study or Contact Us.