Why Trust Is the Key to Customer Loyalty

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It’s Marketing 101: The marketer’s two jobs are customer acquisition and loyalty/retention.   When it comes to retention, there’s an often-overlooked factor that plays an over-sized role: trust. Trust comes from a relationship and it builds over time, with every interaction and at every touchpoint. Over time, someone’s trust in the complete consumer experience with […]

5 ways to boost your email open rates

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80% of marketers use open rates as one of their key metrics for success. We’ve derived this figure from the 2017 Email Marketing Census Report by Econsultancy in collaboration with Adestra, and it may well ring true with your own email marketing strategy. In my experience, however, a considerable number of marketers don’t know exactly what can […]

Tips and inspiration for your birthday emails

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As marketers, we have different objectives to achieve. However, we all know that our main objective is to improve our conversion rates. To achieve this, we spend our time developing an email marketing strategy, creating the perfect email template, looking at the content, and gathering data. I’m often interested (actually, I’d say annoyed rather than […]