Best Practices for a Winning LinkedIn Company Profile

You’ve had a professional photo taken, highlighted your achievements and positioned yourself as a thought leader. Now let’s take a look at your company’s profile.

Why both? Your company profile has an equally important role to play in social selling. Your company page is a representation of the product your company will deliver. So by creating a high quality LinkedIn profile for your company, you’re creating a high quality company image and giving your business the opportunity to thrive.

Your LinkedIn company page is a great opportunity to tell your business story, showcase your products and services and amplify your reach. By following our best practices to optimise your LinkedIn company profile you will be taking full advantage of these opportunities and attract new leads and build your network in no time.

Showcase Your Brand

First it’s all about building your profile in a way that showcases your brand. Upload your logo as the profile picture and utilise the banner image option. Set the scene in your “about us” section with a captivating description that further develops your brand image. Designing your page with creativity that expresses your purpose, values and vision is a great way to convey your brand story.

Include all of the Details

A good company page is a well populated one, so fill out all of the details including your address, company size and industry. Build your products and services tab to discuss what you do best and provide clarity and context. This page encourages prospects to follow you for your expertise.

Include a Call-To-Action

Optimise all opportunities to include a CTA to increase your website traffic. LinkedIn allows companies to add URL’s to banner images and add a clickable URL in the company description.

Be Strategic for SEO

Company Pages are SEO-friendly, so tailor your content accordingly. Google previews just over 150 characters of your page’s text so describing your brand with the right keywords in a powerful and concise way will optimise your profile for Google search.

Consistent Content

For best exposure and increased brand awareness, consistency is key. You want to be seen, which means posting at least once per weekday. Your content should engage your followers, so steer clear of a sales-y approach. Instead be helpful and insightful with content that benefits your audience. Your updates should also link to further useful information on your website. Company updates containing links can have up to 45% higher follower engagement than updates without links. (LinkedIn Study).

Consistent Communication

The power of LinkedIn is in the many capabilities for interaction. 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from companies when they engage with them on LinkedIn. (LinkedIn Study).  Encourage followers to get involved in the discussion by asking thoughtful questions and always reply to your comments.

Engage with Multimedia

59% of executives would rather watch video than read text (Forbes) and the use of infographics rose from 9% to 52% in 2014 (i). You can no longer engage followers with only articles and whitepapers. A variety of content forms will excite your audience and increase click throughs and engagement. Start by including images in every post, and then migrate to video content as soon as possible.

Create Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are niche pages that are listed on the side bar of your company page. Each showcase page is dedicated to a specific product or service you offer, allowing you to provide detail and effectively target and promote to the specific audience interested in that page. This feature keeps things more personal and interesting for your prospects.

Analyse and Improve

The analytics tab for company profiles provides you with useful metrics, allowing you to determine which posts are most successful and where you can improve. Recognising trends will give you the knowledge to strategically develop your company’s presence on LinkedIn.


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