How to Ask for Connections on LinkedIn

You’ve probably heard marketers say that LinkedIn is the answer for every B2B marketing strategy; it’s a way to find prospects and build relationships that could generate sales, all via your mobile device. While all of this is true, as you scroll through LinkedIn performing prospect searches, you may be faced with uncertainty when it comes to reaching out with a connection request. How do you give your best first impression and intrigue your prospect in just a few lines?

Knowledge is power

You know the feeling when you meet someone new and find a common ground to connect on? You can instantly relate to one another, establishing a foundation for mutual understanding and trust. This is the feeling you want to replicate with your prospect through your connection request.

To cultivate this feeling you must be equipped with the right knowledge of your prospect. The more you understand about your prospect, the better you can connect and offer value to them.

The 3 x 3 rule

The 3 x 3 rule is an effective model that will help you gain knowledge on your prospect and identify a common ground to connect on. Simply invest 3 minutes to find 3 things in common with your prospect. Once achieved you can confidently reach out, catching their attention with a topic that interests them. This is your key. Your message needs to be about them.

How it’s done
It’s as easy as a 3 minute read through your prospect’s LinkedIn profile. Check out their interests, groups and hobbies as well as their location, company, skills and university; the list goes on. Maybe you have a mutual connection, common goal or have previously worked for the same company. Whatever it is, use it to your advantage.

Use their language

While your request should be succinct, the language you use in this short message is everything. Look at how they communicate on their LinkedIn profile and use this as a guideline for the tone of voice and language you should use in your request.

A final consideration

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Consider the type of communication it takes for you to respond in a positive way. Understand that building relationships online is the same as it is in person; it takes time, respect and grace. Get to know your prospect’s needs, passions and interests and respond accordingly. Read the new formula for connecting with B2B buyers

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