Essential Strategies for Accountants

Adapting to disruption – Essential Strategies for Accountants

There are over 32,573 accounting firms across Australia, with that number only increasing*. It was once easy for accountants to rely on referrals and flourish, but with the industry as it is today, this is no longer enough to survive. Accountants will need to adopt new strategies for growth if they don’t want to be left behind. There are multiple digital strategies that you can adopt like improving your online presence and content marketing to help you grow in this age of disruption.


Improve your Online Presence
Over 80% of buying decisions for both goods and services begin online, overwhelmingly the starting point for prospect’s research and the beginning of their buyer’s journey**. The average prospect sees 10 pieces of information before making a decision, so if they can’t find you or your presence is weak then chances are you’re missing out on new business growth.

There are many ways to ensure your website gets found, with the most popular being optimising your organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), using SEM (Search Engine Marketing), display advertising and more. SEO essentially means getting free traffic using Google. There are many ways to optimise your SEO so that Google places your business ahead of your competitors. Having good site speed, relevant terms throughout your site, links through your site are ways to improve your SEO.

SEM, on the other hand is paid marketing on search engines or websites that drive prospects to your site. Google lets you bid to have your ads displayed above competitors. It is always a good idea to use a mix of both SEO and SEM and you might be surprise how low the cost can be, but you will need professional help to set up and run these campaigns.


Content Marketing
Content marketing communicates credibility, improve search engine rankings and help differentiate from competitors. It is a great strategy for accountants as it gives clients and prospects access to your expertise in ways that will help build trust, leadership and show integrity.

You must have good content that is interesting, current and educational that helps clients and prospects find a solution to their problems and needs. There are two ways to approach this.

Content can be created, whereby you write or produce your own articles (of course this can be outsourced) or content can be curated, which is when someone else, perhaps a complimentary business has created relevant content which you can the post into social media. Both strategies create awareness, generate interest and drive leads to your website.


How to manage all this with limited resources
We understand you are all for growth but there’s one thing that’s stopping you – time and resource shortages. New marketing automation tools have been developed to allow you to spend more time and resources growing your business, instead of constantly feeling like you are falling behind your marketing needs.

Marketing automation can cut down on time used following up on leads individually, tracking where they are in the funnel, communicating appropriate messages and more all without lifting a finger. it can help accountants focus time solely on nurturing leads and ensuring consultations and meetings are successful instead of spending time replying to emails and scheduling appointments. Each lead will be automatically placed in the right segment based on triggers, and is nurtured all the way to conversion.

If you are interested in an in-depth overview of what marketing automation is, check out our article on Marketing Automation for Accountants.

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