80% of Customers are MOBILE – Top Tips to Get Mobile Ready

In our previous article, we revealed the crucial facts about your customers need for a seamless mobile experience, as well as important considerations you need to make. Follow our top tips to get your website mobile ready and prepare to be optimised.

Don’t use Flash   

While special effects are fun and exciting, many of your customers won’t see the flash plug-in. The iPhone and some other Smartphones are incompatible with flash. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use special effects; HTML5 is an effective program you can use to create special effects that actually work on mobile.

Make phone numbers and your business address clickable

Including clickable buttons is the epitome of a seamless user experience. Your customer will be more inclined to contact you with this high level of accessibility. Additionally, confirm that Google map listings are up-to-date so your address link provides accurate directions.

Advertise on Google

As previously mentioned, customers engaging in a mobile internet search for local businesses are likely to follow through with a purchase. To reap the benefit from mobile users, you need to have good exposure. Advertising on Google using the AdWords platform allows you to target customers when they are on a search for the products or services you offer. Once you gain impressions from mobile customers you can take advantage of local extensions which boost click through rates by 10% (i). The AdWords location extensions feature will provide a clickable phone number and map directions to your business address on your Google ad, encouraging people to visit you. Ads can also be designed according to location to further increase the accuracy of your target.


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