Ways to Boost Your Post Silly Season Marketing

5 Ways to Boost Your Post Silly Season Marketing

Why dread the post holiday season retail slump? This seasonal lull offers a host of marketing opportunities. It’s a prime time to shake out your digital marketing strategy and lay a strong foundation for the year ahead.

Smart companies know how to exploit the full potential of this traditional ‘rest easy’ retail environment – placing them at the head of the pack in terms of market share.

Here are five ways to tickle your customers’ fancy as the joy of Christmas wears off, and your competitors put their feet up!


  1. Launch a new product

Everything costs more in the run-up to Christmas, including advertising and digital marketing. Why not plan a product launch for late-January and make your marketing budget go further?

Catch people as they begin to emerge from their ‘holiday haze’ and re-engage with the retail world. As children get ready to go back to school, grown-ups get ready to spend again.

January and February are traditionally a time of slow news, so media outlets are also looking for fresh offerings to hook in their audience.


  1. Ramp up the remarketing

The new year is a great time to refine your remarketing strategy.

The pre-Christmas period provides valuable data about what your customers want and need, and now’s the time to use it.

  • Sell surplus stock by targeting customers who bought related items during the holiday run-up.
  • Remarket to customers who missed buying a sold-out product when it gets restocked.
  • Gear a loyalty program around a new year product promotion.

Refresh your customer relationships while your competitors are taking a break.


  1. Recover abandoned shopping carts

Carts are often abandoned in the run-up to Christmas as customers’ eyes tend to be bigger than their wallets.

People get carried away, then think better of it. Or maybe they’re tempted away by similar goods on offer elsewhere.

Whatever the reason, January is the perfect time to recoup some of these cast-away carts via:

  • Convert Christmas interest into January sales.
  • Customised email campaigns to remind customers of the product they considered.
  • Addressing the reasons for failure to buy, eg delivery times, size availability.



  1. Clean and segment your database

If valuable CRM statistics are going to waste, it’s high time to get your data working for you.

  • Segment your leads into useable groupings, perhaps categorise them in terms of customer type, status, strength and readiness to buy.
  • Create market campaigns relevant to different dataset and maybe mindsets.
  • Make sure your lead gen pipeline has a clear tagging process – capture that data.
  • Craft compelling ‘drip’ campaigns to keep customers interested between big events.



  1. Explore marketing automation

It’s not just about demand generation. Today’s automated marketing platforms are just as effective in the areas of branding and customer marketing.

With smart tracking, analytics and reporting, the right platform can increase new leads, sales, revenue, profit and overall ROI.

Get your digital marketing covered before the year really gets in the swing, and leave the competition standing.


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