Top Tips To Find Prospects On LinkedIn

5 Top Tips To Find Prospects On LinkedIn

“LinkedIn has over 313 million members and here in Australia we have over 6 million members. That’s north of 80% of Australian professionals.” – Mike Derezin (LinkedIn, Sales Solutions VP)

Read our following 5 top tips to conduct a LinkedIn search that will grow your network and provide you with sales-ready prospects.


  1. ‘Search’ for Opportunities

Target the right audience with LinkedIn’s effective search tools. You can search using any keyword such as a name, company or industry. The fact that prospects will see that you’ve viewed their profile already puts you one step ahead by increasing your visibility. Prefer a more accurate search? LinkedIn’s advanced search tool has got you covered. You can use this to filter by relationship, groups, location and industry. You can also save your searches for easy access or set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly alert emails that will update you with new results that match your search.

advanced people search


  1. Use LinkedIn Groups

With over a million groups on LinkedIn, you will have access to at least one group, which aligns with your company and prospecting goals. Being active in relevant groups will generate exposure and is the perfect way to build your personal brand, communicate and connect with prospects. Groups allow you to view prospects’ topics of discussion, which will help distinguish your most sales-ready prospects.


  1. The “People Also Viewed” Sidebar

You’ve found a perfect sales-ready prospect and you think, “Where can I find more people like you?”  On the “People Also Viewed” sidebar of a LinkedIn profile you are able to view a list of related profiles that users are also viewing.

In the same way, the “People Similar To” sidebar is a useful tool that will navigate you to similar LinkedIn profiles.

people also viewed


  1. Alumni Search

LinkedIn’s standard search is a great starting point, however you may find it difficult to connect with these prospects without a mutual connections or interests. It is best practice to find three things in common with a prospect to offer a personable and valuable approach. allows you to search among prospects that attended your specific university, school or college.


  1. A Job Change Means Business

Your prospects may be right at your fingertips, within your current network. As your connections enter a new position in their career, they will also be in need of new services and will be open to developing new relationships. Access your connections tab to view your contacts that have recently entered a new job that may make them a worthy prospect – make sure you reach out to them before your competitors.



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