5 Ways Sales Automation Tools Can Help Manufacturing Companies

A sales automation tool won’t replace your sales staff, but it will help them do their job better. From qualifying leads and sending follow up emails, to scheduling appointments and demos, you can do more with sales automation than you probably think.

Here are five ways sales automation can help manufacturing companies turn interested prospects into paying customers.

1. Personalisation

Hone in on exactly what each customer wants and give them information that’s tailored to their interests and specific stage of the buying process. Build trust with personalised content and when your leads are ready to buy, it’s you they’ll come to first.

2. Lead scoring

Target the most qualified leads with automated lead scoring. Lead scoring works by allocating a score for each action a prospect does. This numerical value let’s you see at a glance who fits your ideal customer criteria and who doesn’t.

3. Reporting

With detailed campaign reports you can quickly identify what is working and see where improvements are needed. You’ll find all the insights you need to help your sales staff get faster and more efficient at what they do.

4. Measuring ROI

It’s sometimes tricky to measure the ROI on your sales and marketing but with sales automation tools you can see exactly where your sales and marketing spend is going and measure the returns.

5. Customer Records Management (CRM) Integration

Sales automation tools integrate with your CRM system so you can learn more about your leads, like how often they visit your site, what products they view, how many times they open your emails and more.

These are just a few of the benefits manufacturing businesses can expect to see from sales automation. If you’re looking for a way to help your sales staff work smarter and achieve great results, sales automation is well worth a look.

How do you know if you’re automation-ready?

Understandably, many businesses are unsure of what’s involved or what impact the technology could have on their operation. To help you decide and minimise your risk, we provide a free initial consultation to help assess your automation readiness and build your business case. Please click here and we will call you to arrange your free assessment.

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