Best Practices For Achieving Social Media ROI

5 Best Practices For Achieving Social Media ROI

Are you struggling to define an effective CRM strategy? With digital marketing on the rise, social media platforms have become an ideal gateway to your target market. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or a YouTube Video, many businesses are utilising these platforms to prosper by building relationships, which is resulting in increasing sales.

A marketer’s best course of action is managing social efforts to generate demonstrable return on investment.

Social’s greatest contributions may lie in the difficult-to-quantify areas of awareness and trust. Prospects that don’t interact with you directly on social may still be influenced by repeat exposures to your brand and messaging, and predisposed to prefer you based on how they’ve seen you solve problems for other people.

Achieving social media ROI is feasible goal, which we can accomplish by implementing these 5 key practices.

  1. Listen to your buyers; determine their needs and preferences for consuming content
  2. Align social media efforts with traditional marketing activities
  3. Map social media efforts to business goals and determine metrics of success
  4. Don’t neglect qualitative results when determining quantitative ROI
  5. Become so useful customers turn to you first, out of habit.

For more information on how to carry out an effective CRM strategy using social media please see our 5 Best Practices For Achieving Social Media RIO located in our Resources page.

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