Top 3 Opportunities for Manufacturing Businesses to Adopt Sales Automation

Marketing and sales have developed in recent years, but many manufacturing businesses are yet to catch up. With the predicted evolution of the Australian manufacturing industry towards becoming more export-focused and technologically advanced, now is the time to get your sales automation sorted so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Here are the top three opportunities sales automation can bring for manufacturing businesses.

  1. Get personal with leads. This is the age of personalisation and sales automation can send tailored messages to individuals based on their interests that are gauged by tracking their online behaviour – did they visit your pricing page? Tell them how you represent better value than the competition! You’ll get a better response and close more deals faster.
  2. A more efficient, effective sales department. Sales are under pressure to do more with fewer heads. Tracking prospects and delivering them to sales only when they’re ready to buy can save wasted time and increase conversion. Not only that but when sales DO contact a hot prospect, they already know what that prospect has been looking at.
  3. Never lose a prospect. Those prospects that aren’t ready to buy, what happens to them? Sales makes multiple calls and eventually gives up to focus on hotter leads. An Automation platform continues to track them and communicate with them, flagging them to sales if a change of online behaviour indicates an increased level of interest.

There are plenty of opportunities for smart manufacturing businesses to get ahead of the competition by using sales automation strategies. In fact, with a lot of manufacturing businesses yet to take advantage of technology for their marketing, sales automation software is a great way to stay ahead of the game.

How do you know if you’re automation-ready?

Understandably, many businesses are unsure of what’s involved or what impact the technology could have on their operation. To help you decide and minimise your risk, we provide a free initial consultation to help assess your automation readiness and build your business case. Please click here and we will call you to arrange your free assessment.

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