Track customers without them noticing

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Ever wondered what your customers were doing on your website, with your emails or in social and in and around your store but didn’t want to ask? Well now you can know, and it’s a lot simpler than you think. Retailers can easily track customer movements in real time through their smartphone’s Wi-fi or Bluetooth. […]

Marketing Automation for Accountants

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Accountants aren’t marketers, but that doesn’t mean they should give up marketing. Marketing automation is the best tool that accountants can use to better communicate with current clients, attract new clients, increase revenue and foster trusting relationships.   What is marketing automation? If you are wondering what exactly marketing automation is and how it could […]

Generate success: Combine Accounting and Marketing

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Accounting and marketing are an unlikely combination, however they can be an effective pairing. With the accounting industry experiencing disruption, accountants need to CHANGE their approach. With competition increasing, and traditional methods such as referrals not garnering the results they once did, accountants find themselves in a position whereby they need to transform. Accountants need […]